Gov Ugwuanyi Delivers 34 Customary Courts



On Thursday March 4th 2022, Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State inaugurated and commissioned 34 Customary Courts. The inauguration took place simultaneously across all the newly erected Customary Courts in Enugu state starting with the Customary Court headquarters in Enugu urban. During the administration of Chimaroke Nnamani in Enugu State, he built a modern judiciary head quarters at Independence layout. He also built many magistrate and high court buildings in Enugu State but customary courts were not well taken care of. Sullivan Chime created more customary courts in Enugu State but could not give them structures. Many of them are sitting in village halls and rented apartments. When Gov Ugwuanyi came into power, he saw the need to give customary courts befitting structures and pride of place in Enugu State. Gov Ugwuanyi knows that this is the closest court to the people especially villagers. Customary courts as the name implies, is understood to deal with the customs and traditions of the people. Litigants at the customary court levels have similar cultures. Gov Ugwuanyi understands and feels the pain that the judiciary staff passes through by working under harsh or unfriendly condition. He knows that under a good environment, justice is delivered speedily and more professionally. This is why the court buildings are important.

To ensure equity and fairness, he built two customary courts in each local government. This brings it to 34. The courts are equipped with necessary gadgets to ensure speedy justice. This will bring justice closer to the people. It will reduce distance one has to go for a court case. It will also reduce quarrels and fracas within the family circle and community. The customary courts built will also attract higher courts like magistrate courts and high court. The courts will also create jobs because for sure, people must be employed to work there. The presence of the courts will also attract more government presence in the community.

Gov Ugwuanyi did not stop at customary courts alone. He has been able to build Magistrate courts as well in all the political zones in Enugu State. He has also appointed many judges and magistrates. He has employed many judicial staff too.

Gov Ugwuanyi have shown commitment to rural development in many ways. He has built many cottage hospital and health centres. He has renovated and upgraded almost all the general hospitals in Enugu State. He has also sunk bore holes in over 100 communities in the state. He has embarked on rural electrification more than any other civilian government before him in Enugu State.

We appreciate Gov Ugwuanyi for his love for his people and are proud to say that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “A true leader does not close a way for other opportunities rather he paves a way for more opportunities and development”

Written by
Leonard Ugwu
A political Analyst



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