Restoration Of Nigeria’s Lost Glory; H.E, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, A Consummate Brand For Our Economic Prosperity


Nigeria is dead with her current leadership at the center. A government full of lies and propaganda, a government that lacks economic blueprint for her citizens, a government that have plans for the future, but only knows how best to borrow from China. No wonder the Chinese government is making an inroad to establish a Chinese banking system in Nigeria with a purpose to mortgaging the future prosperity of this great nation, orchestrated by the APC led maladministration.

Recall that almost all our national assets are moribund, leaving the image of the country to be so battered in such a way that it becomes impossible for foreign investors to partner with the government of Nigeria in area of development, job creation, infrastructure and a good transport system. Since 2015, the APC came into power with a disservice to our national heritage through their numerous inactions and dead approach to the administration of justice, governance and economy. Hence, our current state of hardship, wanton killings with terrorism in the north, hunger and devastation. Where do we go from here, Nigerians? Do we continue with the mentality of party inclinations or bie-ethnic and religious bigotry? Our country should be grown beyond this nepotism and clueless administration at the center.

However, it may interest Nigerians to know that at the end of the tunnel, there is much hope. For the past 6 years down the lane, our people have been murdered unjustly, the current APC leadership has inflicted a whole lot hardship, economic deprivation, total political alienation of a particular section of this country into becoming a 4th citizens, whereas we preaches peace and unity on white papers but in practical terms, we are not seen as one people. How long can this continue? How long would our country continue to wait for a good leadership? How long would this marginalization come to an end? How long would our unity in diversity be given a space to flourish? How would our country men and women come together to give peace a chance for our democracy and economic prosperity? The current leadership in Nigeria today post a big threat to our common existence if nothing urgent is being done to enthrone peace and unity, good governance that will reflect the true picture of our federal character commission, national cohesion and the real sense of regional integration to enhancing our true identity as one Nigeria. To this end, I introduce to all of us a new Nigeria, a detrabilized figure, a pacesetter in peace building and a man with national acceptance ‘His Excellency, Rt. Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the executive governor of Enugu state. He is a new breed of a millennium leader that will restore the battered image of our dear nation.

Frankly speaking, the choice of the governor of Enugu state, H.E Rt Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, is a choice for our national unity, a choice for peace and progress of the Nigerian people. A choice for our economic recovery. And a choice for our common identity. In the cause of our party the PDP, making an inroad to deciding the position of her presidential flag bearer for the 2023 rescue project, the Southeast geopolitical zone should be eminently considered and Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi be adopted in clean slate to lead our party to victory with a consensus bridge builder from the North as a running mate. It’s also important that I communicate to Nigerians about the administrative legendary and economic policy of the governor of Enugu state, who took over the leadership of the state in 2015 with green plans to running an all inclusive administration in Enugu. The state of Enugu has remained safe and peaceful, purposeful and sincere with her people, solely because the governor has deployed truth mechanism in running the affairs of the people with inclusion of the best international practice of human resource management. In fact, from a national data analysis, figures confirmed by the rank and file of our security architectures who on several occasions paid a visit to the people and government of Enugu state, has adjudged Enugu as the most peaceful and economic thriving state in Nigeria. This is possible, because a leader with a non partisan agenda is on the wheel of leadership. Even the opposition parties have accepted the governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration as the best in the history of Nigeria owing to the fact that he treats everyone with equal right and privileges.

My dear people of Nigeria, is it not a evidenced and a propelling factor that this great leader in the Southeast be supported to change our political narrative in the national and unity government when formed in 2023? It is of a fact that His Excellency, Rt Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, remains the best option for the good of the Nigerian populace, going by his antecedents in peace building, national cohesion and good governance. Our people can smile big again with him as the President of this great nation when considered that fact that since our return to democracy, and the formation of the PDP as a national party for our continued coexistence, the zone has maintained her speed with the party in all honesty and fairness. On this note therefore, justice is calling on every Nigerian to support a Southeastern presidency in 2023 for the sake of equity and fairness. Let the North East, North Central, North West and the South West, South South to come to a round table for a national discuss with a simple view that, it’s the turn of the Southeast to take a slot in the presidency of Nigeria in 2023. It is also on record that the Southeast supported a PDP President of the South West extraction in 1999 with a Vice President of the North East, it was of a fact that the zone did same to the North West in 2007 when power was returned back to the North and with a Vice president of a South South zone. Equally on current data, the the Southeast played a major role in 2010 when the country was about facing another constitutional crisis with the ailing condition of our late President of H.E Umaru Musa Yaradua to save Nigerians ‘thus the doctrine of necessity by the national assembly with a factual revelation of the health condition of the late president by the late honourable minister of Information and communication, Her Excellency, Mrs Dora Akunyili. In 2011, the Southeast overwhelming supported a South South Presidential candidate of the PDP, H.E former President Goodluck Jonathan, who later won his first presidential election in the history of a minority state like Bayealsa of about eight LGAs, taking charge of the affairs of Nigeria with a Northwest Vice President, Architecture Namadi Sambo.

What has the Southeast not done for the Nigerian people to be given equal right of place to spearhead the affairs of their own country too? Going by this history and record presented so far, it is therefore prime for a Southeastern to govern the economic and political life of this great nation and restructure the minds of our people back for our unity and common existence. And H.E, Rt. Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the man to do this.

Let come together devoid of any parochial sentiment to rescue our country and restor our economic independence before Chinese government encroaches.

Bibian Anekwe news added; “The aim of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well, and to help those who are doing well to do even better”

Written by

Prince Ugochukwu Nwanjoku.


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