Restoring the Glory days of IMT~Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi does it in style



A brief search in history will reveal to whoever is interested one of the earliest generation Institution East of the Niger. The Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) as it is proudly called till date was established in a bid to provide the required manpower needs for both public and private sectors of the economy in Engineering, Commerce and Technology and much more. Over time, IMT became a true darling and a preferred Institution of choice after it’s establishment in 1973. Potential tertiary education seekers have always looked forward to gaining admission to study their cherished courses in this pristine Institution. Students who passed through IMT have always shown exceptional pride while discussing their experiences as ex-students of the Institution which is incomparable with what is obtained elsewhere like the close by University of Nigeria. Students of IMT are always in hot demand to fill job vacancies in burgeoning public and private concerns around the country.

Growing up around Enugu in the years gone by was fun and a pride. I’d like also to assert that the greatest beneficiaries of IMT aside the core civil servants who initially made the bulk of the students were the students of Government Technical College located nearby, along Emene – Abakpa road opposite former Polo Park where shoprite has now found new abode in Enugu. The students of GTC was always in the habit of crossing over to IMT in a bid to have a foretaste of what they will become after their secondary education. It was rare to find a single one aspiring to enter a Polytechnic in and around Enugu to think twice before choosing IMT as his or her preferred Institution of choice or so it seems.

But that was exactly the experience and the glory days of the IMT then. Successive governments in Enugu State might have watched while the glory days of the Institution gradually and steadily declines. Just like most other government establishments and critical infrastructures, maintenance policy has always been near zero while political leaders prefer to pursue rat while the house is on fire. After all, whatever will benefit the masses more might not be their immediate priority. They can afford to get whatever catches their fancy at the expense of the people they lead.

However, there is enough fact on ground to showcase that Enugu has witnessed tremendous and comparable growth in both infrastructural and economic revamp since the assumption of office of the current Chief Executive, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Governor Ugwuanyi has never hidden his desire to bring up to date those legacy infrastructures that might have been neglected by previous administrations either through acts of omission or commission.
The recent Commissioning of multiple projects in the premises of the one time promising IMT, Enugu seen as a bold move to regurgitate the glory days of the Institution is not only commendable but has overtime confirmed Ugwuanyi as an astute manager of men and resources despite the lean purse at his disposal. Not too long ago, the same goodwill to restore the pristined nature of the coal city state was extended to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium as well as the recreational parks scattered around the metropolis.

Today, our IMT is wearing a new look courtesy of Ugwuanyi’s uncommon management of the state’s resources while ordering the contractor handling the internal road network in the campus to resume work to compliment the rehabilitated as well as new school structures to ensure bespoke learning experiences for students and lecturers in the Institution. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a stylish man with a large heart as well. While commending the Governor for these efforts at revamping the glory days of the IMT, the Chairman of the governing council of IMT, Chief (Dr.) Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo has bared her mind thus and I qoute, “No other administration has made this type of investment in IMT”.

It is truly important to mention these landmark projects called “IMT cidatel Projects” of the government of Ugwuanyi to reposition our IMT to continue in the realization of the set goals of the Institution.
They include:
¶ Block of 15 ultra-modern classrooms on two suspended floors with seating capacity of 1,224 students.

¶ Block of ultra-modern offices for Registry Division (Exams and Records) with accommodation for a minimum of 75 staff.

¶ Block of fully furnished ultra-modern Academic Staff Office complex comprising 60 offices with intercom facility.

¶ A world-class Medical Centre with all necessary appurtenances for provision of quality medical services to staff and students of IMT Enugu.

Now hear our Governor who is ever forward thinking and visionary. In Governor Ugwuanyi’s estimation, government’s intervention has became extremely expedient to provide the needed infrastructural transformation in IMT as well as save the institute from total collapse and full withdrawal of its accreditation. This is truly thoughtful and confirms the state of mind of a leader who has proudly handed the administration of Enugu State into God’s hands.

It is also important to stress in the very words of the Board Council Chairman, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo that through Ugwuanyi’s excellent support, our IMT has speedily changed its narrative from being ranked no 27 in the national ranking of Polytechnics to becoming no 7 presently as well as the 2nd best state-owned Polytechnic, after the Polytechnic, Ibadan.
May another Ugwuanyi happen to Enugu state in particular and Nigeria in general come the next scheduled general election in 2023.
So help us God, Amen…

Bibian Anekwe News added; “A good leader is the one who can dictate, at the same time understand grievances, who can monitor, At the same time be grounded and centered. Who thinks not only for his growth. But also for prosperity of his colleagues.”

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.
Public Affairs Commentator.



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