Situating Ugwuanyi’s Zoning Committee Assignment.


Peddling of dummies and flying of incendiary statements which undermine mutual respect and tolerance amongst ethnic divides has become somewhat of our favorite past time. Acerbic manufactured absurdities that have become a trading tool for both unrepentant bigots, ethnic supremacists and downright mischief makers may have been on the upsurge, but it is important to remind these class of people to show understanding, due diligence and remember God always before spewing inanities meant to hoodwink or sway public opinion against a perceived political enemy.

In the age of citizen journalism and the flexibility of disseminating anything in the name of information that catches our fancy, there is no controversy really, how our world has benefited immensely from the informative goodies associated with various social media platforms. Economic endeavors have become the major beneficiary and have experienced breakthroughs in communication link and service delivery since technology superhighways graced our shores. What posits a danger perhaps, is an abuse of right to freedom of expression and in the manner in which spiteful people derive glamour trading falsehood to malign and discredit established reputation for whatever rationale. No doubt that the tempestuous nature of our political turf creates a breeding space for every wave of criminalities to thrive, the social media has been a major vehicle employed to perpetrate nefarious activities leaving distrust and suspicion at its wake.

From ab initio, Gov. Ugwuanyi without mincing words spoke categorically on the terms of reference and mandate parceled to them, with regards to zoning PDP’s National Executive offices. In fact, for the very first time great number of Nigerians came to the knowledge that internal democratic principles of the party entails zoning of Executive chairs for adequate representation to engender sense of belonging, thus deflating tendencies for monopolizing public functions by a particular section of the country.
Gov. Ugwuanyi as the chairman of the said zoning committee felt no qualms in reiterating same lucidly and even urged members openness and amenability to public demands. It’s quite clear, that the zoning formula tilts in favour of Northern demographic configuration of the country.

It’s rather unfortunate, how certain hirelings and rabble rousers took to the media to spread hate against Ugwuanyi. One of them whose name deserves no mention here splurged a tepid limerick and called out Ndi Igbo for his prejudiced imagination to bear witness to the nomination of the Committee under the headship of an Eastern Governor. Perservering in self afflicted dystopia, the hate speech fun writer lent unsolicited voice to the plight of Igbo man by urging immediate reactions against the governor. Hear him, ” let it be on record that a Governor from the SE region was the Chairman of PDP zoning Committee .

In a trying times like ours where everything is near combustible, reckless speeches as well as writings that bear malice should be eschewed. Such are ill wind that blow nothing good to anyone but to inflame matters beyond manageable proportion. The usual resort to tribal sentiments in issues of national colouration among other divisive factors throw spanner in the wheel of our national progression.

Thank providence, Gov. Ugwuanyi after their last meeting rose to the occasion to set the record right and clear ambiguity bandied about so freely by mischief makers. The governor yet again adverted our minds that their mandate extends not to zoning offices of the President or Vice President of the country but the party’s National Executive positions.

This writer, a human rights campaigner and at the vanguard of feminism by no stretch of imagination eulogize the uncompromising nature and high-handedness with which central government has handled the issue. Nevertheless, Nigerians owe themselves collective duty of exercising constraints on what suffocates social media. The sustained pummeling against moves to gag media and stifle citizens rights to be heard is a commendable battle to be won by all. Of course no sane society would obliterate windows for citizens airing their opinions and constructive inputs in the running of the state.

Written by

Hon.Mrs. Bibian Anekwe

SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment

Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement ( DG)


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