Women as Nation Builders, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi part of the bargain


Actually, this is not the best time to be a man in Enugu State literally. The state most have been polarized between camp who shares in the Governor’s policies targeted at gender equal representation in the scheme of things and the other camp who would gloat over womenfolk, brazenly edged out from the corridors of power.

Either way, the former camp gains momentum and would secure the conscience of Court of equity whenever legal slugfest ensures.


Ugwuanyi, a man of equitable moral compass, while reeling out his roadmap for Ndi Enugu new match to civilization, not only assured inclusiveness moored to proven credentials, but also promised to a avail an arrays of opportunities for women who desire to carve a niche in the political arena and impact their world meaningfully.

Women are positive agents of nation building. As experienced home managers, they brought to bear, their wealth of knowledge both in human resources control and frugality on state’s management. The humongous roles strapped to womanhood in building a nation can not be underestimated. Gone are the days, where women are relegated to fringe zone in running national affairs that affect their lives gravely. The shocking reality, however is that the world now drifts towards women empowerment. Women have proven their constituents while in public offices of strategic consequences, even when pelted with asphyxiating circumstances that would readily compel a sterner man to chicken out.


Earlier this year, it was reported that Germans threw all windows and doors wide open as millions occupied the streets of Germany to show gratitude for inimitable service rendered without reservation by one of the most cherished leader in Europe, Angela Merkel. Merkel, the first female German Chancellor was variously reported to have taken to self-flagellation and deprivation, never preened on state coffers, thus making her country a European power during her uninterrupted 16yrs service to the country. She attested to mentoring whence came her unusual private and public life discipline.


Truly, there is no other means to secure similar result, but Ugwuanyi’s promising mentoring. Ugwuanyi, a trailblazer has plucked hundreds, men and women, young and old out from political and economic oblivion to enviable height of relevance. The pacesetter governor ploughs the field, plant the seed and waters it down to blossoming. In Ugwuanyi, thousands see the destination of their destinies. Seeing his people flourishing in whatever they earn fair living from gives him joy. The ongoing Woman Conference on leadership and training holding in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda is quite a mind-blowing gathering of women of steels. Enugu State fielded several women delegates in the history of the conference. The object is to amass leadership knowledge from the exercise and import same into the system to effect dramatic alteration in the prevailing governance failures on a nation scale. It is a great lease granted to our women, to rubbing minds with other women from all corners of the continent, and we sincerely hope the endeavor pays off.


Written by


Mrs. Bibian Anekwe


SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment


Enugu Di N’akachukwu Mo vement ( DG)


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