Vital Lessons from Gov. Ugwuanyi’s IGR Revolutions


There abound so many lessons already being taught by the current leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Good students would always have fond memories of their teachers long after exiting the classes or schools where such teachers strutted the stage. I had fond memories of my teachers back in my days in both primary, secondary and tertiary levels who molded me to become whoever I have become today. It has to do with everything ranging from personality traits, intelligence, knowledge and manner of impartation to the students. There is absolutely no student no matter how dull, that will forget in a hurry how he or she went to school and his or her interactions with the environment as it were. The point being made here bothers on how every single individual no matter the calling can make significant mark on his or her environment in totality.

It is important to buttress the fact that God created every single person with peculiar potential to make the change we all desire. Although, for some persons, the reason for being on planet earth must have been lost on them leading to derailment and absolute abandonment of goals and objectives. This is particularly true of political leaders who usually campaign for political positions or offices only to pursue goals which runs contrary to the common good. It is still a rarity in this part of the clime to have a person or individual so prepared for leadership and committed towards the ideals of good governance. Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has proven to be a leader with a difference and a capacity to leave a mark in all spheres to enable students of politics and good governance have everlasting fond memories. He was not just drafted to take the position of the Enugu North Senatorial zone in the seeming rotational gubernatorial scheme, Ugwuanyi is a man ready for leadership with a clear vision on how to achieve his mission in government.

So many admirers of Gov. Ugwuanyi and even his muted opposition lords have nothing but good words for him. While the former have been ferocious with the expression of goodwill over Ugwuanyi’s good governance mode, the later have equally continued to voice same albeit in hushed tones due to some political inclinations. But one thing which could not be denied in totality by the opposition elements is that Gov. Ugwuanyi has within six years on the saddle more than triple jumped Enugu state in developmental trajectories. In spite of the stark economic realities, Ugwuanyi has been able to navigate the whirlwind. It is on record that governor Ugwuanyi has successfully taken the state Internally Generated Revenue to thirty one Billion Naira monthly which even surprised the opposition. No one for sure could understand how this is possible in a non-oil producing state and with a mineral resource that might not really account for than 20% of the State Gross Domestic Income (GDI).

Mr. Charles Agbo, a Lawyer and a PDP stalwart in Enugu State alluded to Ugwuanyi’s leadership experiences and excellence this much in an interactive sessions with some reporters in Enugu recently. Barr. Agbo has these to say of the Governor…
“When he assumed the mantle of leadership, it was clear to him that revenue generation is the bedrock of any government. It was obvious to him that to fire at the pace he desired, he was not going to rely only on receipt from the Federation Account. So what did he do? He did a quick rejig of the revenue generating mechanism of the state. This move saw the state’s internally generated revenue soar from a humble N14 Billion upon assuming office over the last six years to N31 Billion today”. This is truly a no mean feat. It was the initiative of the Governor to put a smart revenue platform in place which enabled him to set out to work. For the first time since the creation of Enugu state, Ogonogoeji-Ndiagu-Akpugo Road from Atavu Bailey Bridge to Afor Onovo is the first state government road in the entire Akpugo. There are other areas as well.
The historical Milliken hill road, which over the decades has portended very grave risk to road users has been given the best engineering lift courtesy of Ugwuanyi’s prudent management of resources.
It will be truly fair to assert therefore that Governor Ugwuanyi has lived up to the billings of the people of Enugu State who found him worthy to be entrusted with leadership. Six years down the road, someone is still in accord that Enugu state is truly in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added …”Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – Always about the goal.”

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