Agitation, desperation or wild scramble for political offices are greatly doused in a society where zoning of political offices is strictly or appeared to be practiced. Zoning of political offices whittles down the tendency of gladiators from across board to heat up the polity or aggravate the political situation in a given society. It reduces political thuggery and zooms in on the best elements for the political office without necessarily blowing up the environment in the name of politicking. Zoning remains the statistical formula for political loggerheads, power tussle and non compromise associated with throwing political contest wide open. It gravitates towards the equitable distribution of political positions among the federating units of a society.

Sharing is in the bloodline of an African man. Children share fish at the bottom of their plate after eating. In the same vein, African women zone the sweeping of the market place in a consistent order. The sharing and zoning consequentially lessons the fear of bulling. In a political system where zoning is committed to work, prejudice is a forgone alternative. There are boundless evidence to attest that zoning of political positions exist in Enugu State, yet people are taunting it to favour their unflinching quest for power irrespective of the calamities it might cause.

Since Ifeanyi Igwuanyi assumed office, every raging sea appears to have ebbed automatically and the stormy winds of violent politicking have tranquiled as he carries his followers along via truth, fairness and equity. We appeal for continued peace in Enugu state. Let one who will not attune to the desires of Ndi Enugu to enjoy environmental harmony and peace relocate and allow us to enjoy our peace. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is peace to the core and have greatly minimized political thuggery which was our bane in the years gone by. We sleep and leave our doors ajar. We also feel less heat because our corridors are safe for natural ventilation. I humbly appeal to every dissenting individuals and factions to embrace peace and toe the line of peace as exemplified by the Executive Governor of Enugu state.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “A good leader gives up his own benefits for the benefits of his people”

Written by
Okonkwo Okezie
A political Analyst


Bibian Anekwe News


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