Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi And Adada State Project



Even before the return of democracy to Nigeria in 1999, there have been incessant clamour for creation of at least an additional state in the South East Nigeria. The cry became louder in the second tenure of President Oluesegun Obasanjo. It came to a point that the Igbo’s got splited on their prime demand. While some were asking for one additional state, others were asking for president of Igbo extraction, there are still others asking for a new country. A demand completely different from the other ones.

As time rolled by, the administration of chief Olusegun Obasanjo did not consider any of the above Germaine requests from the Igbos but seemed to have created an environment that triggered distrust and disunity in the quest to realize a common goal by the Igbos. Then came the government of Yaradua that had a listening ear but was short-lived. When Goodluck Jonathan became president, the demand was made more intense and he came very close to giving the Igbos an additional state but timed it wrongly. If he had gone ahead to implement the national confab recommendation before 2015, Igbos could have gotten one additional state. The current government at the centre is not looking at that direction at all.

Even at state level, the government of Chimaroke Nnamani was not so bold on Adada State. The government of Sullivan Chime was out for it that he set up a committee for it and even gave them office and other working tools but did not give Adada area structures that will attract State status. When Ugwuanyi came into office, he understands the imperative of an additional state from his state of origin. He understands that for a new state to be birthed, there must be some infrastructures on ground to make it a reality. That is why Gov. Ugwuanyi embarked on some capital and signature projects like ESUT Teaching Hospital College of Medicine at Igbo Eno, Enugu State Secretariat annex at Ede Oballa in Nsukka Local Govt, Nsukka sports stadium, Enugu State Polytechnics Iwollo, Udenu campus, rehabilitation of general hospital Ogrute Enugu Ezike. So many major and minor roads in Enugu North political area have been remodeled while a lot more are under reconstruction. Other developmental projects is ongoing in Adada area. This is actually what will make Adada State a reality. The committee set up by the past administration is still in place and is working round the clock to make it a reality.

Remember that on the wave of state creation, there were clamour for Equity/Etiti state, Aba State, Anioma state and others. None was as loud, well articulated and documented like Adada State. In all the administrative centres created after Independence, only Nsukka area is still not a state. Abakaliki/Afikpo is now a state, Awka/Onitsha is now a state, Aba/Bende is now a state, Urhobo/Anioma (Delta) is now a state, Benin (Edo) is now a state, and so one. Only Nsukka area is left out. That is why Nsukka people are grateful for Gov Ugwuanyi for bringing the area up to the status of state.
Besides, the political value of Adada State, economically, Adada area is viable. Creating Adada State is also creating thousands of jobs. One thing that made Ibrahim Babangida politically relevant is that he created more state in Nigeria than most head of states that has ruled Nigeria. Adada State will balance the state creation equation in Nigeria thereby calming frayed nerves. It will create jobs both in Enugu and Adada State. It will bring immediate and accelerated development in both states. The advantage far outways the demerits. With ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Adada State is realizable. This is why we agreed to work with Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, we appreciate his work and are bold to say that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “Inclusive leaders allow people to put down their armour and pick up there courage to be themselves at work”

Written by
Leonard Ugwu

A political Analyst



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