Gov. Ugwuanyi’s exploits and the citizen’s validations



Nothing really gladdens the heart than when one’s modest efforts are being recognized and appreciated. No matter what anyone might think of it, the government of Ugwuanyi is doing great and it is interesting to note that Ndi Enugu are steadily becoming aware of government’s efforts to transform their socioeconomic fortunes. The fact of the matter is that despite all the national economic hiccups, His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has been performing creditably. Tough people outlast tough times. He has given Enugu a facelift. His rural road construction projects are second to none.

The inland roads that opened up Nkalagu Umuosigide, Ezimo, Imilike etc to the greater Udenu is still a marvel.

He did wonders there!

I found it irresistible not to share the testimonies of the locals who reacted to the rare wonders of the governor in areas of social amenities provision. One of them, Mr. Chibuike Ugwu Ossai, of Umuosigide, Obollo Etiti ward, in Udenu LGA has this to say about the construction of the Oshenyi river Bridge, which was part of the Imilike-Ezimo-Nkalagu Umuosigide-Onumkpu Ogerenyi Road.

“Oshenyi stream bridge had remained an enigma to many construction companies that tried to build a bridge and forestall the seasonal flooding that was perennially the lot of the riverine hamlets of Uburu Umu-Ukwu nnaya, Nkalagu Umuosigide and Ogbodu Aba.”

“As a child, we believed the submissions by our elders (especially the pagan ones) that “Oshenyi Ogbako bu ma” — “Oshenyi stream is a deity figure” and so cannot be dammed. We were conditioned to accept the narrative that the stream was indeed a habitat for mermaid spirits. The stream was reputed to have been the reason why seven different bridges constructed over it in the past was submerged in mysterious circumstances.

This belief blinded us from seeing things from the outside world view. It is a fact that many mighty seas and oceans across the globe have had bridges constructed over them and humanity have used them to traverse across the breadth and length of the world without mishap.

Governor Ugwuanyi swiftly removed the blindfold from our eyes. The scales fell off our cornea when we woke up in September 2018 to see a reinforced, multiple-layered and structurally alloyed concrete bridge that will last beyond tomorrow over our so-called “ogbanje” stream.

He shut our mouth!

With that bridge, the economy of the wider Okizu communities vis-a-viz Ezimo, Imilike, Ogbodu never remained the same again.

Under Ugwuanyi, more than 60Km stretch of road was constructed behind our backyard within a timeline that astounds honest minds, and no one hears about it. The ancient university town of Nsukka has been modernised. I never heard about it, until I was on a trip to Abakaliki some months ago, and we passed through Igbo Eze south traversing Opi via Obukpa-onuiyi bypass.

A foremost credible global personality profiler — Wikipedia, has this to say of Governor Ugwuanyi: “Since he was sworn in on May 29, 2015 as Governor, Ugwuanyi has initiated some approaches to develop and transform Enugu State. One of those initiatives was his recent oversea trip to Ireland for an investment summit organised by Metro Eireann Dublin. He was also the recipient of Metro Eireann International Outstanding Leadership Award 2016 for his exemplary performances as a legislator, especially as the Chairman of Marine Transport, during his time in the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

These are verifiable facts. A testimony of the people from the grassroots. Like Helen Keller would say: “the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

Enugu is truly in the hand of God.

Written by
Hon. Mrs Bibian Anekwe
The Senior Special Assistant on Empowerment and mobilization to Enugu State Governor.



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