AS I watched the solidarity outings of both the old Ebeano political structure led by Senator CHIMAROKE and the group led by Senator EKWEREMADU in support of Governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi, what kept roaring in my mind was the reality of the G-FACTOR that decide the affairs of men in most political spheres of a Nigerian state. I like the way both Ebeano and Ike groups put it…LET THE G-FACTOR LEAD AND THEY FOLLOW! There is no better strategy than this!

GOD and Governor!

It can’t change now that NWA Nsukka is in power. Power belongs to God but God uses the Governor of any peaceful state to administer such peace and justice. When God speaks to the pastor, the pastor tells the congregation what the Lord has spoken. And that way we enjoy the 2023 transition that we await to enjoy. The seat of a governor is highly pastoral as outlined in the Holy book. Bible instructs us all to obey the Governor and those in authority as unto the Lord. Whoever disagrees with the human G has disobeyed the instructions of the Almighty G. Both political groups have fullfiled the scriptures. When you work with your Governor, you are working with God!

I can tell you with all sincerity that many political leaders occupying offices today would be forgotten by my generation too quick for not affecting our lives today. But Governor UGWUANYI will not be forgotten. Senator Chimaroke has truly raised men. He raised the young Gburuism then and today’s Gburuism rescued him politically from unexpected political wilderness. We are all lucky because of this gburuism temperament that remembers yesterdays.

A leader who is too good and accommodating is usually of the gburuism temperament. Such temperaments are usually direct functions of the natural gift from God Almighty. I mean that temperament that tries to carry all interests along, but too organized to be distracted by THOSE WHO WANT TO SCATTER ZONING ARRANGEMENT THAT HAS POLITICALLY FAVOURED ENUGU PEOPLE. Your temperament is the reason you act the way you do, as Author Tim Lahaye beautifully narrated.

And that was how God rescued Enugu State from the traditional political wars and crises as the 042 state had politically experienced since 1999. If it were to be those days of another temperaments, I bet you some political animals and political scientists now all over town would have been on political exiles. My thinking is that this Gburuism temperament that has been lavishly offered to certain political players to climb since 2015 by this gburuism Governor may later choose the way of INGRATITUDE, DISLOYALTY AND MEDIA RASCALITY as 2023 approaches. But Gburus boys are watching! Thank God this gburuism temperament has raised other lionic temperaments too as a father of a priest can also give birth to a soldier. Gburugburu has raised men.

A situation where certain political ingrates who have enjoyed the stupendous benefits of this gburuism temperament, but now hide under certain media and political groups to speak and write certain unpalatable views against same gburuism temperament, is not only pathetic but expected too.

It is expected because certain politicians would always be political animals who most times do not remember the past but are dangerously driven by their inordinate interests most times. But thank God for giving Enugu a Gburuism temperament, if not many would be on political exile by now. Those who tried certain things during the ebeano temperament know such past. The recent Edo political experience should teach politicians strong lessons in Enugu…NEVER FIGHT A PERFORMING GOVERNOR OR THE PEOPLE WILL DISGRACE YOU. Those who tried such ingratitude during the Sullivan temperament knew how that era didn’t care about any round-table considerations of any such interests from the political jobbers.

But today Enugu is blessed with such gburuism temperament that hurts not even a fly, and the political maradoners are now warming up, forgetting that Enugu is still in the hands of God. Why would anybody try to truncate the political arrangements already designed by God and massively supported by the people of Enugu State since 1999? On the other hand, since Enugu is no more in the hands of powerful politicians but in the hands of God, I have no doubt that 2023 will exactly happen like the last peaceful LGA primary elections that the gburuism temperament beautifully supervised in Enugu State.

As a result of the above calculations, I can boldly predict that 2023 is already in the hands of God. And this gburuism Governor is the Prophet representing that God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Enugu State. Let those few ingrates who have enjoyed the political goodwill of this same gburuism temperament since 2015 be calm and allow this governor to fully deliver his promise for YOUTH O’OCLOCK in the political Enugu State now and beyond 2023. Let this truth be told… certain political stakeholders should be ready to handover the batton to the next generation of leaders in Enugu State. That is part of the divine mandate of this gburuism temperament, I think.

To me, that way we have all succeeded, when we follow the most powerful 2Gs that decide the affairs of men politically in a peaceful state like Enugu.

God and Governor! The big G uses the smaller G to fullfill His mandate in most States in Nigeria, especially in Enugu State where everything about 2023 is already in the hands of God. May The Almighty G continue to direct us through the human G for peace and progress of our beloved Enugu State! AMEN.


Written by

Emeka Asogwa

Nkpunano Ward, Nsukka LGA of Enugu State.
He is an addict of the Gburuisms temperament.
His phone number is 08035791665)


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