Even At Abroad, Gov Ugwuanyi Is Known For Peace.


Gov ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State was recently celebrated in Turkish capital Istanbul, where he received more than seven awards as the most peaceful governor in Nigeria. The award couldn’t have come at the most appropriate time than now when the global community is earnestly yearning for peace and one man in the Eastern Nigeria divide has been identified as a promoter of peace.

It has become quite worrisome that unrest and chaos has taken virtually over every part of Nigeria. Bedlam seems to have been unleashed on the entire coast of a nation reputed to be the giant of Africa. A sitting governor of Borno State and his counterpart in Benue were reportedly attacked on different occasions in their respective states while out on official and personal assignments. Yet, these attacks were so daring even with the presence of a retinue of security aides in the convoy of the governors. Again, in Niger State, a fraction of Boko Haram siezed power in four local governments, conducted election and have it’s own governor and other cabinet members running concurrently with the sitting elected governor. Till date, the governor have not been able to unseat or remove the Boko Haram declared government.

The governor of Katsina State had to go to Chad and Niger Republic to beg bandits to stop harassing his government, up till today, the visit bore no fruit. Killing and kidnapping have continued endlessly in Katsina State. The governor of Kaduna State openly confessed that he has paid armed men enough money to leave the state from incessant killing and harassment. It was to no avail. Zamfara state is almost becoming a no go area because of insecurity. The governor was rendered helpless that he had to decamp from the party that brought him to power to the ruling party at the center, citing frustration from continual banditry as his reason. Yet, the very week he defected to the ruling party, there was harvest of killings, kidnapping, cattle rustling and banditry in his state. He has become so helpless that he is not safe even in state capital. Should we talk of Benue State where after endless successful attacks on his people, Gov Samuel Orthom has to come out openly and accused the federal security agencies of helping and protecting their killers. In Plateau State, it will be a breaking news to hear that a week passed without killings in various parts of the state. Killing in Kogi and Kwara state have been so massive and heart breaking that it is no longer news for the media houses. All these have affected economic activities badly in Northern Nigeria

In South Western Nigeria, the story is the same, there have been killing and inceasant clashes between headers and communities, armed bandits and farmers, security agencies and hoodlums etc.

In South East here, Ebonyi state is almost battle ground for bandits and security agencies. Not less than 5 police station have been burnt down in the state this year. It got so bad that Gov Dave Umahi abruptly stopped his inspection visit and the ongoing international airport site because armed men told him boldly that they are waiting for him there. On investigation, it was found out to be true that men armed to the teeth is waiting for Gov Umahi at the site. Beside activities of these hoodlums, there are many cases of Communal clash in Ebonyi state. In Imo state, even in day time, people don’t come out freely. You must make a serious check before going out. Markets are open and shut so many times in day. There are killing spree in Imo that a prison building very close to government house and state police head quarters was attacked and over 700 inmates freed without a single resistance from any security agency. Some street are as quiet as grave zone in Imo because of security problem. In Abia and Anambra, the story is the same.

Nigeria have been declared as one of the most terrorised countries in the world by some international organizations. Nigeria is been compared with Somalia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. Surprisingly, in this same Nigeria, there is a state that have been peaceful and serene. That is Enugu State. All these banditry activities, kidnapping, and inceasant killing is not seen in Enugu State. One cannot move freely from Onitsha to Asaba or Onitsha to Nnewi, a close distance of less that 20 minutes drive but one can move freely from Obollo Afor to Enugu town about one hour drive.

Beside this, Gov Ugwuanyi is the only governor that have led Enugu and old Anambra State without quarrelling with labour, legislatures, judiciary, teachers etc. None of his workers have gone on strike or bicker with him on any issue. He believes in true democracy and have carried everybody along in his government. He had given every political and traditional office holders from ward level to federal level the mandate to secure his territory. This has brought much stability and peace to Enugu State.

This is why the awards are most deserved. Turkey political leaders, Turkish investors, Nigerians living in Turkey and other peace loving bodies in Turkey fully recognized these efforts. That is why the awards were given. Seven of them in number.
His SSA on mobilization was on ground in Turkey to receive the awards on his behalf. This is highly commendable and it will encourage him to do more to keep the state peaceful. What else can we say than that we are truly witnesses that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added – “The summit of success is not reached in a single leap, but in a series of determined steps.” .

Written by
Leonard Ugwu
A Political Analyst



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