Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and this thankless job called politics


Another better way to describe politics is as a thankless job. Governor IFEANYI Ugwuanyi of Enugu State came into power when political leadership in Nigeria was assailed with both economic and social challenges that nearly crippled the economies of many states in Nigeria.

In Imo at a time, the then ‘talking’ governor Rochas Okorocha was almost helpless that he began to beg civil servants to combine farming and civil service job so as to reduce salaries and keep the state going. In Kaduna, the governor pleaded with political appointees to donate their allowances to be able to cope with the social and economic crises caused by the latest health disaster called Coronavirus.

In Kogi and many other States, payment of salaries became almost impossible as governments had no more possible financial capacity to pay salaries. Civil servants in many states were pleading for part of old salaries to be paid to them to be able to celebrate Christmas and New year events with their families. It was bad in many states that people could not afford rice to eat during the yuletide.

But Enugu was paying the 13th month salary. What a THANKLESS job politics has become. Let me outline the thankless politics Governor UGWUANYI is playing in Enugu State that we seem to take for granted, may be because this gburuism Governor is graciously not a “talking” Governor. Let me publish as narrated on a popular online media some time ago:


*Rated as the second most advanced state in Nigeria on the ease of Doing Business by the World Bank Group

*9th best performing state in terms of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the year 2019

*Best state in the judicious utilization of the bailout funds (Senate Verdict)

*Enugu listed alongside Lagos and Rivers as the only three states out of the 36 states of the federation that have fulfilled obligations to their workers (BudgIT)

*Listed among the seven states that are solvent with impressive over 30 percent Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) to fund additional economic activities (Economic Confidential magazine verdict).

*The fifth most competitive state in Nigeria, according to the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria

*The third most debt sustainable State in Nigeria

*The first state in Nigeria to publish its Audited State Final Account for consecutive three years

*First in the South East geo-political zone and ninth in the country based on IGR as against Federal Allocation

*One of the twelve states in Nigeria that can survive without federal allocations.

This THANKLESS job called politics could define the reason a few political jobbers who are already enveloped by the desperate cum inordinate spirit of 2023 political ambitions have underrated the sacrifices of this NWA David UGWUANYI in driving peace and economic transformation of Enugu State. God has spoken to EnuguPROPHET all that would happen in 2023.

But let it be clear to all political gorrilars that ENUGU STATE HAS A CLEAR ZONING FORMULA already working and the GBURUGBURU that we know will support ZONING 100%. And if zoning is jettisoned, Nsukka man like the North will then handover to another NORTHERN man with democratic majority at work. FEAR NORTH!

Governor Ugwuanyi is likely for already existing zoning and nothing more, if we are asked to predict the heart of this gentle Governor. Congratulations to Enugu East Senatorial Zone. We also read online about what Senator Chimaroke Nnamani said during his campaign in ISIUZO. The former Governor spoke very well.





The above statements are the same ENUGU EAST.

NSUKKA politicians should please support ZONING.

Politics is really a thankless job.

(Emeka Asogwa writes from Nkpunano Ward Nsukka LGA, Enugu State)


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