Governor Ugwuanyi Technological Body Language


Governor Ugwuanyi Technological Body Language

Government Technical College, alias GTC somewhere in Nsukka town by now must have extended her wall of fame, perhaps create more columns to accommodate names of their two celebrity students who by their technological ingenuity are currently the talk of the town. Their God given talents not only shot them to public glare but took their school to Lion Building,the seat of Enugu State government where they had a robust dalliance with the governor.
The exhibition mini conference of their staggering creativity, was not a kind done on the daily by governments even when a product can be safely invested a colour of pristine invention. State’s priorities are always misplaced for personal lavishness, intraparty unending fracas and remnant bulk for chilling custody in Europe.

In the news, we are unpopular for our obsession with foreign merchandise just that they are foreign and nothing more. The height of our embarrassing despise and incredulity for items locally sourced and produced has reached crossroads of irrevocability as long as borders maintain its unmendable condition of porousness to allow every junk fly into the country.
Who cares a fig, for the improvement of indigenous technology?

Gov. Ugwuanyi not only cares for native technological advancement but also he employs everything the state can afford to keep the state in pace with other computerized world. Under the government of Ugwuanyi, the education sector is actively contributing its quota to the Enugu new journey into her enlightenment era. Secondary school students whose electrifying brain and potentials have been tied down a donkey years under the deceptive cuddling of indolence, procrastination, near scarcity of raw materials amongst other limitations, are now picking the gauntlet to determine their future in the academic community.
Some months ago, one “secondarian” whose name and school defies my recollection made Enugu State proud as he distinguished himself in a nationwide technological competition by coming best, while another clutched mathematics competition trophy.
It’s very rewarding that these feats are direct corollary of Ugwuanyi’s huge investment in the education budget of the state. Crowning them all is the recent breakthrough by duo students of GTC, with one excelling in aeronautical engineering to the tune of cobbling local materials producing a helicopter and battle ready jet fighter, the other headed for radioacoustic and wave mechanics hence his mp3 radio set production. The budding aeronaut appears not to fully digest the impunity of terrorists and rampaging bandits nonstop assaults on innocent Nigerians, hence his drive for producing the big bird.

On the other hand, the wave boy, perhaps might have been riled up by the overbearing stranglehold of internet on information dissemination and other children didactics programs associated with radio stations, thus his call for old days.

However, the mystic phase of the engagement is where in the world did duo fitch the intelligence?
Such a knowledge beyond apprenticehood remain a puzzle to many even as they clearly demonstrated how they came about their crafts?

Written by

Mrs. Bibian Anekwe
SSA to the Governor of Enugu State

Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement (DG)


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