The inhabitants have lived within a political Structure which seemed to be cast in concrete for some years.

Yet it was so full of intrigues, grudges and excitements for those of you who enjoyed it while it lasted. You could say charitably, but surely it missed being your most favorite.

The beginning had a bit of a glitter. But suddenly, the twist came. And the beautiful cum sonorous speeches during campaign outings got dulled in a feat of nepotism and further slumped with unbearable abandoned projects here and there alongside tensions and brittle passions on the political scenery of the entire Enugu State recently.

After some spate of burly threats and constant Griots from some supposed political jobbers as is now fashionable. Men and women whose political slavery statuses, they’re quite oblivious of. Now regard themselves as foot soldiers and the strongest mouth piece.

They have gotten on the horse of their slave masters new-flaunt machismo after the so called solidarity visit of empty seats to the Lion Building this January 2021 and is right now on rampage.

Setting up the entire Enugu State media space ablaze with an endless chanting of “Ndi-Enugu, better days ahead”, “2023, Lion Building,no going back “! Etc.

They’re simply hoping to overshadow a sound principle of good public opinion anchored on justice, equity and fairness.


They are also hoping to place limits towards Free speech on such areas or topics of public Interest.


On the issues bordering on the 2023 Enugu State Gubernatorial election. It is a very well known fact that it is the bonafide turn of Ndi-Enugu East Senatorial Zone.

It’s also a well known fact that the right thinking mind, can easily detect falsehood and troubleshooting when ever it is at play.

The consequences of which have already been exhausted thoroughly since this protracted discussion started. With some visible signs of what an incensed people can do.

It is either we sacrifice the future of our children unborn to please one man’s endless quest for selfish political power, with either sycophancy or Silence.

Or we sacrifice the future of Today’s teeming Youths whose current ordeals in the scheme of things in Enugu State, is the main reason for this avoidable upheaval that is seriously fast approaching.

For those of you who truly love Enugu State’s nascent dawn of peace, this is a good time for courage and concerted actions.

We must have to be reminded that the mantle of leadership and direction is with the Executive Governor of Enugu state. The Rt Hon Dr Lawrence Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi.(Gburu Gburu). Who is equally the bonafide leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu State and whose leadership compass, the entire Enugu State Compatriots and party faithfuls will naturally bend towards in alignment.

Because Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is on a mission to deliver on the tripod balance of Enugu state Senatorial Zones equity on power rotation, fairness and justice based on good conscience on the grounds of his individual substance,as a man after the Will of the Almighty God.

Written by

Onuorah Ndubuisi Godwin
A member of the Enugu West General Assembly (EWGA).


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